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The combination of mobile, social and traditional information channels is accelerating the volume and pace with which professionals receive and process information. Financial data alone is a huge component – and lack of insight and control over that data poses a huge threat to a company's ability to manage risk.

With expertise in providing leading financial analytics solutions to investors, EDGR can help financial professionals within corporations gain control over data, with a specific emphasis on managing risk and identifying new opportunities through the collection and analysis of business data. EDGR's software standardizes and synthesizes large volumes of business data into meaningful reports and dashboards to help identify potential threats, assess opportunities and support better business decisions.

EDGR holds the power to help you:

  • Monitor relative valuation of key items such as margins and rates of growth
  • Identify risks in your value chain
  • Effectively execute merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Quickly identify and assess opportunities and risks in your competitive landscape

EDGR Financials activates disclosures for professionals in the corporate and institutional investment communities, ensuring they have the perspective needed to remain agile and competitive in today’s dynamic, global environment.